Going for gold

Well its Olympics time and the nation is currently gripped. There is a great buzz going around with the success of our athletes. Its a real breath of fresh air and a welcome relief from the disappointment of the football, tennis and the rain.

On the back of this I thought it about time to look at challenging myself a little bit to refocus the mind around my photography. I’ve been a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers for a while now without taking any of their qualifications. I’ve felt I don’t really need to have a qualification to have confidence in my images and that they should speak from themselves.

However there is a battle raging between professional wedding photographers and the so called “weekend warrior”, a battle I am not going to join, but one of the questions it has brought to the fore is the issue of regulation. I am not necessarily in favour of arbitry regulation as I believe the reason for the existence of the weekend warrior, or indeed the high end professional, is because a market exists for each and that we each have to pitch ourselves at the market we feel we want to represent. I believe it is my responsibility to endeavour to represent my section of the industry to the best of my abilities. I don’t believe I should have regulations enforced on me, but as a photographer and a business I should do all I can to regulate myself in representing my of section of the industry.

So I am going to start working towards my Society qualifications both as a challenge and because I believe in the ethos behind it. Because the section of the industry I want to represent, represents the customers that are looking for far more than just images of their big day.

Over the next month or so I will be putting together a folio of 20 images which I will be submitting to the society for consideration by their panel of judges. I’ll let you know how I get on…..


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