Pre Wedding shoot with Sophia and Andrew on Clevedon Pier

When I first met Sophia and Andrew and we were talking about the wedding the both very excited about the photography and it was something that was very important to them. They also made it clear that neither of them we overly confident in front of a camera and definitely not used to being the focus of attention when someone is taking pictures.

The real cost of wedding photography

I have written in the past about what to look for in choosing a wedding photographer and also about how to get the best from your relationship with and ultimately the images you get from your photographer. Today I am going to touch on what you should expect to pay for a photographer and also a little about what goes into making up those costs.


So, we have a term amongst wedding photographers for the guy with the big camera taking unofficial shots of the wedding, we call him uncle Bob. He/she will likely be a relative with an interest in photography that wants to get some extra images for the benefit of the bride and groom but more often…

Choosing the right Photographer

There are so many different things to consider when planning a wedding and choosing the right photographer is just one of them. But choose wrong and you risk making a mistake you cannot rectify. So what should you be looking … Continued

Going for gold

Well its Olympics time and the nation is currently gripped. There is a great buzz going around with the success of our athletes. Its a real breath of fresh air and a welcome relief from the disappointment of the football, … Continued