A little earlier in the year I had the pleasure to shoot the double wedding of Sonesh and Marion, On the Friday they celebrated their Hindu wedding at a venue in Coventry. The on the Saturday their civil service at the beautiful Dodmoore House in Northamptonshire. Dodmoore House is a fantastic venue which I hadn’t shot at before but it is pretty and intimate and a great place for a wedding. Its also set in great surroundings and ok the weather wasn’t up to much but we still managed to get out for a few informal shots together.

The staff there are excellent and make sure everything runs smoothly and we also a great help to me as well, which is always nice.

It was really interesting doing both the Hindu and Civil service and observing the differences between the two. But despite the different rituals and traditions, it was just ultimately two families coming together to celebrate a marriage. It was to long days, 8am to 10pm on the Friday, drive home, back up my files and get some sleep before getting up for the Civil service. But I enjoyed every minute of it.

I’ve put together a small handful of the photos from the Civil service on the Saturday. I’ll pop a few from the Hindu service another day

Thanks for looking at them please feel free to share and comment.

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