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Couple leave the church as a married couple

Wedding photography at St Denys Church, Kelmarsh Northamptonshire

Now the new website is live, I am moving my image of the month posts into a new category, Favourite images. From time to time I will post images from my wedding photography from the year that are particular favourites of mine, or that the bride and groom have highlighted as their favourite from the day. For each image I will try and give you a little insight into why I took the image or why the image appeals to me as a wedding photographer and why it will hopefully appeal to you.

For this post, I am picking an image from the recent wedding ceremony of Sophia and Andrew at the church of St Denys, Kelmarsh, Northamptonshire. The image was taken just after the service as they emerged from signing the register to face their guest as a fully married couple. Why do I like this image so much? Well all during the service the sun had been going in and out of cloud cover and each time it came out it would send a shaft of light through the windows to highlight proceedings. As the couple came out and stood at the front of the church, so the sun came out and shone directly on them. For me, this image is one of pure happiness. Smiles like those cannot be put on.

As a documentary wedding photographer, there is often an element of luck in capturing an image that has not been set up. In this instance I was lucky enough that the sun came out when it did. I am certainly not complaining.

Technical details

The image was shot on a Canon 5d with an EF85mm f1.2 Lens at F2, 1/3200 for a second with an ISO of 800.

I’ll be posting more images from Sophia and Andrews wedding in the next few days.



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