wedding photography with Gemma & Craig


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So I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Gemma and Craig the other day and what a perfect day it was. For me there are a few things that need to come together to create great wedding photography, good weather, good venues, themes, all the usual stuff, but most importantly a couple and their families that so completely welcome you into the events of the day that you get to take the kind of pictures that make wedding photography such a great job to do, and what for me made this the perfect day.

This was my first dual county wedding photography as well with the preparations and Gemma’s parents house and ceremony at St Andrews Church, both in the pretty Oxfordshire village of East Hagbourne, and the ceremony at Wassing Park in Berkshire, a great venue that I have not shot at before.

Its days like this that make wedding photography such good fun.

It was a great day and so I thought I would share a few of my favourite images from the day. Congratulations Gemma and Craig.



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