Pre Wedding shoot with Sophia and Andrew on Clevedon Pier

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I have been meaning to put these images up for a little while as I haven’t posted any images from a pre wedding shoot up to now, and the they make a good point about how you feel about your wedding photography. When I first met Sophia and Andrew and we were talking about the wedding the both very excited about the photography and it was something that was very important to them. They also made it clear that neither of them we overly confident in front of a camera and definitely not used to being the focus of attention when someone is taking pictures.

A good way to relax

I think that is true of most people. I know I hate my photo being taken and almost all of the couples I meet express the same fears. Things like “there are never any good pictures of me” and “I always look odd in pictures” are things I hear a lot. It is never true but its a common feeling. A Pre wedding shoot or Engagement shoot if you are that organised are a good way of taking some time to get used to having the focus of attention on you before the pressure of the big day. It is a relaxed, informal session where you can have some fun but also importantly, spend some time getting to know the photographer that is going to be tailing you at your wedding all day. Feeling comfortable with the person holding the camera just as much as part of a good image as being comfortable in front of the camera.

So any way, back to this pre wedding shoot. We had arranged that I would drive down to Andrew’s home town of Clevedon for the shoot as he was very keen that he had pictures taken on the pier there. Its a great location and beautiful old pier, and I think we got some lovely images. We took a nice stroll around the pier, the beach and up onto the cliffs. It was great way to really get to know Sophia and Andrew that little bit better and them me, and it help make them excited about how they would look in their wedding pictures opposed to nervous.

I selected a few shots from the day below. If you are interested in having a pre wedding shoot, please contact me anytime and we can arrange something.

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