Village wedding – A local wedding in Blakesley Northamptonshire

Mike&Clare favourite

I’ve picked an image today from Mike and Claire’s village wedding earlier in the summer in the beautiful village of Blakesley Northamptonshire.  The ceremony was in the village church with the reception a short walk away through to village to the village hall.

This element of the wedding was very important to Claire who grew up locally and indeed the theme of the wedding was very much about Village hall life. So the walk through the village was always an important element of the day. And as it is such a pretty little village, I was really looking forward to this and the great images it could produce. Its quite an unspoilt village and I knew that the images would have a timeless feel to them.

As is often the case in this country the weather forecast had done its best to try and put paid to plans. However despite strong winds, which made the confetti shot challenging and a hurried whip round for umbrella’s the rain help off and the walk went ahead. It was really great seeing the whole wedding party, led by the new bride a groom, heading through the village high street. It made for some great images but I loved this one of a local village gran and her granddaughter coming out of their house to throw confetti on the bride and groom. It’s a great snapshot of an English village community and the local interest in a village wedding which was what made it so important to Mike and Claire.

I will post up more images from the day in the real weddings section very soon.

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For those with an interest, the image was shot on the Fuji X-Pro 1, 1/1200 sec, ISO 200 with a 35 mm lens at f2.8.

All the very best for the future to Mike and Claire


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